Digital resources

Courses at Woolf typically include all the materials required for successful completion. Further digital resources are valuable for

  • Students supplementing their examination essays
  • Students undertaking advanced studies (dissertations or theses)
  • Faculty designing new courses

Open Access Journals, Books, and Videos

JSTOR (currently only MyJSTOR is open access)

OpenDOAR (aggregator of open access repositories)

Digital Collections at Major Research Libraries

Bibliothèque nationale de France – https://gallica.bnf.fr/

Deutsches Textarchiv – http://www.deutschestextarchiv.de

Qucosa (libraries of Saxony, Germany) – http://slub.qucosa.de/en/search/

US Library of Congress – https://www.loc.gov/collections/

Special Subject Resources

Subject Areas

Digital Editions


Digital Bookstores

If you really need to buy a text...

  • Amazon is probably the largest supplier of digital books, and it sells books from most of the digital book suppliers – often at a lower price than purchasing directly from the publisher

  • Google Books lists (typically in the top left corner of the browser) a link to purchase an eBook or physical copy of the book you are viewing.
  • Google Play has discounts specifically for academic books which can be purchased, or (in some cases) rented.

The Publisher

  • If Amazon doesn't carry a digital copy, check the publisher's website. Many publishers, like Cambridge University Press, sell digital copies of their books.

  • Some academic books can be found on RedShelf.